Calendar of Events 2020/2021

Fall Semester Begins the First week of August

Fall Schedule Began August 3rd 2020

Sept .Theory and Student Affiliate Deadline Due with monthly installment fee Sept 1st 2020

Oct . Fall Festival Deadline Due with monthly installment fee Oct. 1st 2020

Oct. 11th-17th Fall Break Studio Closed Oct. 11th-17th 2020

Oct. 31st Theory Test Date Oct 31st 2020

Nov. 14th Fall Festival Nov.14th 2020

Nov. 23rd-27th Studio Closed Thanksgiving Break Nov. 23-27th 2020

Dec. 5th RMTA Playathon Tenative Dec. 5th 2020

Dec.21st through Jan. 8th Studio Closed Winter Break Dec.21st-Jan.8th2021

Jan. 9th Winter Festival Deadline Jan. 9th 2021

Jan 16th Solo Performance Deadline Jan. 16th 2021

Jan.30th Winter Festival Jan. 30th 2021

Feb. 6 Solo Performance, Sonatina and Camp scholarship DL. Feb. 6th 2021

Feb.13th Spring Theory Test and World of Music Feb. 13th2021

Feb. 27th Sonatina Festival and Voice Solo Performance Feb. 27th 2021

March 6th TMTA Ensemble and Scholarship DL Mar. 6th. 2021

March 15-19 Studio closed Spring Break Mar. 15th-19th 2021

March 27 Senior Recital DL Mar. 27th2021

April 3. 2021 Jazz DL April 3rd 2021

April 11 RMTA Senior Recital April 11 th 2021

April 24 Jazz Festival April 24th 2021

May 13th Spring Recital 2021 May 31st 2021